Birthday boy Gus

6 jaar !

Today we celebrate the 6th birthday of Gustavito. How time flies …

One of the more plezant rules on Juggernaut is that there is no school on birthdays so 4 times a year we have an extra day off. So it’s all about having fun, opening presents -we had to be creative-, eating lots of cake and candy, building Lego, swimming and bomb jumping from the boat and having sundowners … unfortunately for the last time here in San Blas because tomorrow we leave for the nearest marina to give some tender love and care to Juggernaut after being hit by high voltage.

Our insurance company is sending a surveyor this week so we’ll see how good our insurance choice was.

But first we need to get Juggernaut to Puerto Lindo the old school way without our beloved electronic toys. We have no auto-pilot, no gps, no tracking, no depth, no wind direction nor – strength, … Luckily we have our back-up navigation on the iPad and we have already done the route before so we just need to go back on our steps but still … it’ll be exiting.

And I’m sad to leave here, I wish our time and exploration of the islands was more extensive but fate decided differently. I believe that everything happens for a reason and in time we’ll see what the rest of our adventure has in store for us. But for now, it’s goodbye Kuna Yala.

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