Perfect day in our lives, San Blas

Lemon Cays, San Blas

We’re still in our same spot in the Lemon Cays, 3 days after lightning struck Juggernaut. We’re sad that we can not sail around and go explore the other islands but we still enjoy our time here. Life is simple. Tranquil. Basic. But I so love days like these and they are exactly what I imagined the cruising life would be, before we left.
The boys enjoy setting the breakfast table and making coffee so hey, … I let them. Mornings are for school and -I admit- can be quite a struggle. Twan gets so distracted by the smallest things: a boat passing by, a new sailboat coming in the anchorage, fish jumping out of the water, a splash, a cloud, the fart of a fly, … He truly has the concentration span of a flea and teaching him is soooooo frustrating but when you tell him stories of asteroids, the invention of fire, the galaxy and beyond, … he’s like a sponge that soaks it all in and stores it neatly in his brain. And Gustavito, my little boy who turns 6 years tomorrow, reads a book a day. A little routine he created himself: after lunch, he picks out a book and we cuddle up and have some alone time and he reads to me. He loves it and I do too.
During school, we have Kunas passing by, selling lobster or fish, which we buy regularly. We could fish ourselves but this is one of the only means of income for them so as we are their guests, we choose to support them this way.
I’m getting the hang of filleting fish so it doesn’t take up as much time as before and the boys love dissecting ! Where are the gils, what’s in the stomach, show us the guts -and ooh what fun if bile and other juices comes out !
In the afternoon, we swim, snorkel, annoy lobsters by trying to catch them -in which we horribly fail-, we dinghy to the surrounding island, watch fish jump out of the sea and today we went hunting for the first time !
We anchored Wal-rus just outside the reef and go hunting for … lion fish !! These beautiful, exotic fish originating from Asia have spread all around the world in no-time, destroying the reefs and the habitats of the local sea dwelling creatures. And with close to no natural predators and the ability to reproduce in the blink of an eye, they are a real nuisance and actually NEED to be hunted to control their population and keep the reefs healthy and diverse. After 5 minutes I spot 2 of them, hanging under a rock in not more than 4 meters depth. Jos approaches with his gun and spears it like a pro ! First try, first kill !!
Besides being very pretty and very yummy, these fish have 18 spines that are venomous. Their stings are not lethal to humans but they can be extremely painful and cause nausea and respiratory problems and with no hospital or doctors around, I’m on high alert -maybe a bit too high-.
The second shot is less successful and the rest of our meal disappears in a dark cave.
Back on Juggernaut, Jos fillets the fish, after first cutting the venomous spines away and 30 minutes later we have fresh lion fish sushi on our plates as appetizer. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

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