Bogota, Colombia

Plaza de Bolivar

Our first trip in Colombia was a great adventure and we are looking forward to exploring more: this time we fly to Bogota where we hire a car and do a road trip all the way to Medellin. Bogota is a world city with over 8 million -!!- residents and capital of Colombia. I was very skeptical before we left and only planned a visit of 3 days but again, I was very much surprised.

We only stayed in La Candelaria -the old city’s centre because of our timeline but next time, I will explore more of this interesting mix of old historic buildings with it’s young dynamic vibe. Bogota is much more bohemian than Medellin, more artistic & alternative and the city is filled with little gems hidden behind the sometimes plain walls but once you look inside, it’s a whole new world.

We love walking around in the historic city centre and going in & out old architectural beauties, shopping around for hats, watching people, visiting museums that are plentiful in Bogota.

The most known -and not to miss- museum is the gold museum. It’s a 4 level building full of gold artifacts from pre-Columbian history and on the top floor a huge walk-in vault with all the most precious pieces. It’s not only fantastic to see but is also very educational and Twan & Gus especially loved the stories of shamans dressing up and acting like animals to take over there strength & power.

We also had a great time at the military museum: full of canons, a complete range of guns from early 16th century until present, sables and daggers, military costumes, submarine bombs, tank ammunition, a helicopter and much much more. We were guided by a very knowledgeable luitenant that loved our interest so he decided to accompany us the whole way. It was all in Spanish & we didn’t understand everything but it was interesting nevertheless. The boys were very impressed and in the end they got to wear the helicopter helmet. The museum was free. We visited the Botero museum that had a beautiful collection from Degas, Dali, Miro, Picasso, Matisse and of course, Fernando Botero himself.

On Sunday, the larger part of La Candelaria was closed for traffic, leaving the street to cyclists, skaters and families with kids.

Bogota was a pleasant surprise and next time I would plan more days to explore the other neighborhoods.

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      1. Hey Tina ! Hoe gaat het met jullie!

        Is jullie reis voorbij of hebben jullie zich ergens in e paradijs gevestigd ?

        Zien we jullie ooit terug in het Gentse ? Ik hoop het alvast.


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