Sopétran / Santa Fé de Antioquia

Santa Fé de Antioquia

We decide to explore the countryside around Medellin by car and Sara arranges a good deal for us. And before we leave for the south, we are invited by Sara to go visit her family’s property in Sopétran.

Lots of people flee the city in the weekend to visit more tranquil areas with a healthier atmosphere and so do we, when we drive the hour north to Sopétran, near the village of Santa Fé de Antioqiua.

First we drive to Santa fé, famous for it’s authentic Colombian character. It’s a wonderful, typical Colombian village, surrounded by green mountains and beautiful colonial houses. Yes, it is a tourist destination but absolutely not fake or over-visited. Like everything in Colombia, it guards over it’s authenticity. Unfortunately, they were working on the main square so we missed out on the complete picture of Santa Fé. We will need to come back here once the town is restored to it’s full glory.

After enjoying some great food, we drive to Sara’s weekend house. And what a treat this is !! Beautiful house, green garden and a big pool, good food, great company, … Perfect weekend !

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