Minca, Colombia

Gus and Twan at hostel Mundo Nuevo, Minca

We left Santa Marta on monday morning with 3 families: SY Nomad with Martin, Virginie, Amos, Noa & Adi, SY Blue Zulu with Patrick, Anna, Stella & Finn and us. We took public transportation to Minca from the Santa Marta bus terminal and left the chaos crammed in a hot minibus.

After a half hour of winding roads and very pale kids, we got off in Minca, just in time for Twan who donated his breakfast to the already very fertile soil of the mountain village.

10 minutes later, we’re on our way to a riverbed, passing through the charming village. We walk 10 minutes down a rocky path & arrive at a shallow turn where the water drops down the flat rocks. Perfect for bathing ! We enjoy the scenery and a refreshing dip. The adventure has begun and the boys go out to explore, balancing on the slippery rocks or wading through the stronger currents. Luckily we have 6 pairs of parental eyes looking out !

After a swim and a playground visit, we’re all starving and get some lunch to pump our energy levels back up – before the 60 minute hike to the eco hostel Mundo Nuevo, in the lush green hilltops of the Sierra Nevada.

It’s a steep and intense walk up the mountain via a sometimes slippery and rocky path… we’re sweating like crazy but we came prepared and with lots of water in our backpack. Nevertheless, we’re happy when we finally arrive at our high accommodation, and it is indeed a new world: cool and pleasant with waterfalls and amazing panoramic views over the valley & Santa Marta. What a magical place !

The kids absolutely love it: sleeping in a dorm room, freely roaming the domain from the hostel, playing games, swinging in the hammocks and discovering a new kind of butterfly like every minute. I have never seen so many different types and colors and I nostalgically reminisce back to my childhood when my brothers and I went hunting for caterpillars and butterflies. Those were still  abundant back then in Belgium…. now not so much ….

We walk to a coffee and cacao farm not so far from the hostel: La Candelaria and we get a very informative cacao tour. In an hour, the owner shows us the whole process from seed to finished product and we get to taste the cacao beans fresh, roasted & ground. We finish the tour with a nice hot cup of cacao and a chocolate mask to make us pretty again !

The rest of our stay we are lazy and relaxed, enjoying the scenery and talking about opportunities and dreams to the other guests and our companions over a nice, cool Colombian beer.

Un aguila mas, por favor !

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