Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta is hot, humid, loud & in your face ! What a different vibe to the Caribbean one we’re used to. The city wakes up early in the morning, before the heat hits the streets and vibrates until late at night with music, traffic, laughter & loud and fast Spanish conversations. It’s quite an adjustment to the pace & heat.

The chaos is completely surrounded by lush, green & tranquil mountains that stand in contrast with the noisy city life. Nature versus human, still in balance, for now because as the country is opening up after a long history of violence, tourism starts to boom and high-rise blocks are popping up along the boardwalk. Let’s hope they can manage to keep this fragile balance.

The Colombians are friendly and proud of their beautiful country. The welcome is always warm and sincere and as soon as they see “Gustavo” with his blond locks and blue eyes they’re even more smiles. He’s quite an attraction and we can’t go into town without people coming up to us, asking to take his picture. Very strange.

We’re soaking up the novelty of it all: the food, the language, the people, the way of life, … and we’re enjoying. Colombia is vibrant, dynamic, young and amazingly beautiful.

It’s also very nice to be in the marina, for a change. The marina is clean and safe and the boys love the freedom of going on land and running around whenever they want to. They’re friends with all the local fishermen and we’re not the only family boat here. SY Blue Zulu and SY Nomad, who we met in Curaçao, also arrived here and soon all the children are playing together, going from one boat to the other.

We get on so well that we decide to go to Minca -a mountain village with beautiful waterfalls & hikes- together, next week.

To be continued…

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