Aruba – Santa Marta, Colombia


We wanted to get an early start but customs & immigration on Aruba felt differently about that. They had us waiting for 3 hours at the docks before we could begin our crossing to a new continent… Finally, we set sail around 11 o’clock with light winds. We’d hoped that the winds would pick up but the predicted 16 knots never kicked in that day, instead the wind even died on us for the rest of the day & night! Motoring was the only option … The seas were flat -which was a good thing- and we were accompanied by hundreds of dolphins, a sight that never gets tired. It was the perfect weather for Cersei but we didn’t take her out of the locker, since that last nerve wrecking tantrum she threw at us.  After a calm night, we began our day with the same conditions and because we were tired of motoring we bravely decided  to give uber bitch Cersei another chance. We got her flying perfectly and she did her job well for the next few hours. In the afternoon, the winds picked up and we decided to take the spinnaker down. We handled her perfectly but again she got stuck – just under the wing. Luckily, the wind was out of the sail and with some sweat and struggle, we managed to get her completely down. After some investigation, we noticed the retrieval lines got twisted in a knot and around each other… so with a pickle like that no wonder that it was impossible to get the sail into the snuffer bag. Just as we were putting Cersei back in her locker, the winds picked up to a 20 knots, half wind. We raised the main and genua and continued our sail alongside the Colombian coast. Around us, spinner dolphins jumped out of the water, splashing and playing in the waves, all along while the sun set. Picture perfect !

Unfortunately, as the dark fell so did the winds and we had to use the engines again.

In the night we were visited several times by pods of dolphins and as the sun rose, we had an amazing view on the snowy -yes, SNOWY – peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Sunrise after sailing through the night is often spectacular, and land in sight after a few days and nights in the open ocean is nothing less than a euphoric experience, but this sight was something else … We are so proud that we’ve sailed to a completely new continent: South-America ! And it’s looking fantastic. As we approached, the winds turned to southern winds bringing the smell of the jungle to our boat. The fantastic smell of earth and trees and fruit and flowers mixed with the morning dew. Yes, Colombia, you are a beauty ! To top it off, Jos reeled in another mahi mahi just minutes after throwing out his fishing line … That’s delicious fish tacos for lunch then !

With Santa Marta in sight, Juggernaut was surrounded once again with dolphins playing in our bow waves. As they continued their way we entered the marina of Santa Marta,  our home for the coming month.

Buenas dias, Santa Marta !

3 gedachten over “Aruba – Santa Marta, Colombia”

  1. Leuk met die film erbij -zo kunnen wij ons nog meer een beeld vormen van wat jullie meemaken.
    Blijkbaar hebben jullie gekozen om verder in de Engelse taal te gaan.

    1. Dag Carine, ja, doordat we meer en meer anderstalige mensen leren kennen die ons willen blijven volgen, zijn we overgegaan naar het Engels zodat hopelijk iedereen nu onze blog kan lezen.

  2. Mooi gefilmd. Samen met Nina gekeken en we zouden best ook zo’n visje lusten. Veel plezier in Colombia. Dikke knuffel van Nina. En van oma en opa ook natuurlijk!

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